Til Vágs at uppliva nýggjárshaldið í Vági

Nýggjár 2015-16Nýggjárshaldið í Vági fær alsamt størri áhugað uttanlands og er tað vorðið alsamt meiri vanligt, at útlendsk ferðafólk kom til Vágs á nýggjárum, soleiðis var eisini í ár.

Í ár vóru danska Olivia Loftlund og svenski Alexander Boëthius, sum býr í Sveits, í Vági á nýggjárum. Bæði eru áhugaði í mynda- og filmsupptøku og var hetta eisini ein av orsøkunum til at tey valdu at koma til Føroyar og til Vágs á nýggjárum.

Her er teirra søga.


– Our Story and the Faroe Islands

Olivia Loftlund and Alexander Boëthius

Olivia Loftlund Alexander Boëthius

Olivia Loftlund og Alexander Boëthius á Hotel Bakkanum í Vági nýggjársaftan.

Alexander Boëthius (31) is a Swedish filmmaker and musician based in Zürich Switzerland. His main areas of interest next to Filmmaking is Photography, music and traveling. Olivia Loftlund (23), is a Danish photography student based in Copenhagen, originally from the islands of Fyn. Olivia is inspired by music and traveling and has spent much time visiting countries around the world.

Olivia and Alexander met in Sri Lanka in 2013, when Alexander was traveling through the country heading towards India. Olivia was working there, helping to take care of a guesthouse belonging to friends of her family.

The two quickly became friends and Olivia asked Alexander to join him on his travels through India.

As their common interests in photography, culture, music and love for traveling helped them stay touch, Olivia and Alexander kept on visiting each other, traveling and exploring the world together.

They hadn’t seen each other for almost 5 months, after their last endeavour working together to document wine bottles for a winery in France, when Olivia proposed that they go somewhere for new year’s together linked with a photography excursion. Alexander then suggested the Faroe Islands as he has heard and seen much about the country in the past, but never visited it before.

There was some debate about the choice because of the few hours of light available and the cold, but it was finally settled when they started to google around for pictures and events during this time of year. Olivia had found some basic information about the intriguing new year’s tradition which takes place in Vágur on the South Island. This was a pivotal point in their decision making as their main goal was to take pictures and celebrate new year’s together.

After arriving to the Faroe Islands, it became clear to them that it was unmistakably the right decision to make.

The following photographs were taken by the two of them during their time on the Faroe Islands.


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